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    50 Best Music Producers of the 21st Century

    Undoubtedly, the 21st century has seen an eclectic range of music production talent. From techno-wiz kids to hip-hop legends, music producers are a key component of the modern music industry. This list celebrates this century’s 50 best music producers, highlighting their pioneering achievements and unique styles. It includes producers from various genres, including rock, pop, […]

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  • Audio Blog
    Audio interfaces – Guide

    Best Audio interfaces – Guide Choosing the right equipment to set up your first home recording studio and taking your first few baby steps into home music production can be daunting. This is true when considering how much there is to know about DAWs, plug ins, software instruments, among other things. One tool that might […]

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  • Your Blog
    Your First Home Recording Studio

    Your First Home Recording studio As you set out to put together your own home recording studio setup, it’s important to ask yourself what your recording goals are and what your budget is. It’s temptingly easy to get in over your head and break the bank on high-grade studio gear. But how much of its […]

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  • Top Blog
    Top 10 Music Books About Music Production

    Top 10 Music Books About Music Production Every song you’ve ever listened to exists because of music producers. They’re the unsung he roes of our world, bringing beautiful beats and combining them with godly lyrics to our ears. But music production is vastly different from any other aspect of the industry. Sure, we’re quick to […]

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  • How Blog
    How to Become a Music Producer 

    How to Become a Music Producer Do you want to become a successful Music Producer but you don’t know where to start? Fret no more! We at Reason Studios have put together this comprehensive guide that outlines the role and gives you some real-world hints and tips how to make your first break as a […]

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