• 50 Blog
    50 Best Music Producers of the 21st Century

    Undoubtedly, the 21st century has seen an eclectic range of music production talent. From techno-wiz kids to hip-hop legends, music producers are a key component of the modern music industry. This list celebrates this century’s 50 best music producers, highlighting their pioneering achievements and unique styles. It includes producers from various genres, including rock, pop, […]

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  • Roadmap update Blog
    Roadmap update from CEO Niklas Agevik

    Hello #ReasonGang! I want to start off by saying a big thank you to everyone who signed up to help beta test the VST3 support in Reason. Thanks to your help the team is now squashing bugs faster than John Bonham can hit a bass drum. At the same time, we have also been working […]

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  • More Blog
    More Bass!

    To be honest, the Bassline Generator is something of a favorite Player of mine. Both because we managed to build something cool based on a fairly simple hypothesis (that breaking down and recombining basslines can make new, equally good basslines) and because it’s so much fun!   However, it’s been out for almost a year […]

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  • Audio Blog
    Audio interfaces – Guide

    Best Audio interfaces – Guide Choosing the right equipment to set up your first home recording studio and taking your first few baby steps into home music production can be daunting. This is true when considering how much there is to know about DAWs, plug ins, software instruments, among other things. One tool that might […]

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  • Making Blog
    Making Chilltronica with Chord Sequencer 1.1 | Gentlemens Club

    In this video, 50 Carrot of Gentlemens Club takes the new Chord Sequencer 1.1 update for a spin, cooking up some vibey ambient electronica in the vein of Four Tet, Gold Panda and Caribou in the meantime.

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  • Introducing Blog
    Introducing Chord Sequencer 1.1

    It’s been a few months now since we released the Chord Sequencer Player. It was very well received, and in fact it’s still the most used Player outside the ones built-into Reason. But no matter how popular a device is, there is always room for improvement! New Chord Sets As any Chord Sequencer user knows, […]

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  • From Blog
    From Raw Chord Progressions to Full Songs with Chord Sequencer

    It’s no secret that Reason’s Chord Sequencer Player MIDI effect makes creating great chord progressions easy, fast, and even fun! But the right combination of chords is just the first step on your way to a full song. In this song cook-up, Ryan shows us how he goes about customizing Chord Sequencer presets to inspire […]

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  • Your Blog
    Your First Home Recording Studio

    Your First Home Recording studio As you set out to put together your own home recording studio setup, it’s important to ask yourself what your recording goals are and what your budget is. It’s temptingly easy to get in over your head and break the bank on high-grade studio gear. But how much of its […]

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  • Halloween Ambassadors
    Halloween x Gentlemens Club: ALIEN BASS

    With it being Halloween it would only be right for us to bring you something extra spooky. 

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