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Drawbar Synth+Effects

Sononics Audio, LLC

  • • Vintage Organs, Synths, Speakers and Rack FX.

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After nearly a decade of helping you make incredible music, we regret to announce that Sononics is closing up shop. It has truly been an honor working with the great people at Reason Studios and YOU the wonderful users! Revival will be available for purchase through the end of August, 2022 – and at a new lower price! Sadly, Revival will be removed from the shop at the end of the day on August 31st and will no longer be available for purchase. Thank you again for a great decade of making music!

Bob Currie - Owner, Sononics

Revival is the RE-imagined, “neo-classic” instrument that combines the power of modern synthesis with the warmth and grit of vintage organs. Drawbar additive-synthesis, harmonic modifiers and vintage effects combine to create an instrument that spans multiple genres with an incredible sonic palette and outstanding playability.

Did you know Revival’s full-featured effects section can be used on any track? Try our warm analog preamps, vintage phasers, mod-filters, modeled speaker cabinets, rotary speakers and incredible reverbs on any track in your mix - or - use it live with your guitars, bass, vocals or keyboards!!! Just plug in on the back panel!

Mac OS compatible Windows compatible