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Maia Synthesizer

Maia Dual Synthesizer

PinkNoise Studio

  • • Osc tables: a unique way to create vivid sounds
  • • Dual Synth Engine with a wide range of sounds
  • • Discrete glissando - a new way of performance

Audio examples

Meet Maia, a synthesizer full of soul. It can be an emotional instrument or a furious beast, depending on your mood.

Elegant sounds from organic and timeless sources, Maia’s Dual Synth Engine generates iconic synthesizer textures and ethereal melodics through a versatile dual synth, a dual step sequencer and a multi-effect unit.

Powered by a massive two-part sample engine expertly crafted into over 300 useable patches, this unique RE balances functionality with flexibility in a host of features like part specific modulation, a wave-shaper filter, LFO routings and split source signal processing.

Please note that this Rack Extension requires Reason 10.1 or higher.

What’s new in V2

Version 2.3

  • 62 new oscillators (now 150 in total)
  • Updated and enlarged Factory Bank
  • Release Trigger option for Synth B
  • Comment fields
  • Tiny bug fixes and lots of small improvements
  • Discrete glissando
  • CV3 and CV4 input added
  • Unison
  • Completely redesigned Step Sequencer with advanced options:
          - Independent rates
          - Customisable random generator
          - Editing tools
  • FX modulation matrix with LFOs
  • Redesigned Modulation Matrix
  • Microtuning options

Version 2.3.2

  • minor bugfixes
  • Osc table on/off switch now sets the brightness of the OSC table elements

2.4 (internal build, not released)

  • Fixed a bug: Phrygian default steps was wrong (also corrected in all patches)
  • Copy Osc settings didn’t copy the unison parameters: fixed
  • New Osc Table tool: Reverse table
  • New Seq tools: RND Reorder, Reverse Seq, Invert Velocities
  • New function of Seq Dice: Reorder
  • Ctrl-click on Seq Note change button: reset values in the active range

2.5 (internal build, not released)

  • Step sequencer: One shot mode

2.6 (internal build, not released)

  • Seq On/Off switch moved to the main panel, so it’s always visible
  • Osc Table length modulation moved from the FX mod panel to the Osc table panel
  • On the FX panel, the top on/off switches indicate which synthesizer they belong to
  • Adapted to the new SDK (Reason 10.1 or higher version is required)
  • High resolution custom displays

2.6.2 (latest release)

  • Fixed a bug in release trigger mode: if you changed the sustain value while playing, the played notes could stucked and never released
  • small bugfixes
  • 18 new patches
Mac OS compatible Windows compatible