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Modl Drums FM

Dynamic FM Drums


  • • 1,930 24bit Samples
  • • Unique Punchy Drums, Basses & More!
  • • Model Cycles in your Reason Rack!

Audio examples

The Modl Drums FM ReFill takes punchy drums to a whole new level

Using 1,930 24bit original samples from the fabulous Model Cyles Groovebox we’ve brought a uniquely fresh set of drum kits to Reason.

We’ve also created killer bass patches, warm funky keys, pads and leads to bring the unique sound of FM synthesis to your productions.

We’ve captured all the nuance of the Model Cycles Groovebox both perfectly clean and via vintage outboard effects, with layering, round-robins and subtle variations.

What’s round-robins? For example, you’ll find hi-hats and snares made up of layers of subtly tweaked sounds so successive hits trigger slightly different sounding samples - where the colour, shape, sweep and contour are slightly tweaked from one hit to the next. This way you get living breathing drum tracks and much of the dynamic joy offered by the real thing.

All audio demos were made using only the Modl Drums FM ReFill with gentle limiting on the master output.