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Extension ReFill - Fritz
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Extension ReFill - Fritz

Patches for Fritz

Navi Retlav Studio

  • • 150 Fritz RE patches
  • • Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Glitch,
  • • Granular, Pitch Shift, Reverb, Reverse

If you already own the Fritz RE from developer Lectric Panda, this ReFill is a real must have for you. The original device doesn’t come with many presets and isn’t the easiest software to master. For this ReFill we dove deep in research to uncover all of its hidden potential. It turns out that it’s not only an experimental granular tool, but also a unique sounding phaser, BBD-like chorus, rhythmic delay, automated distortion, buffer type glitcher, creative reverser, useful pitch shifter, and outstanding reverb effect unit. With our patches this device can literally replace half of your current favorite effects or save you from getting new ones that you won’t need any more. We are already using it on all our tracks, now it’s time for you to try it.