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Complex-1 FX Combination
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Complex-1 FX Combination

Patches for Complex-1

Navi Retlav Studio

Complex-1 is a modular Synthesizer created for the Reason Rack. If you have the Reason Suite, then you already have that instrument in your arsenal of music production tools. However, you might not realize it yet, it’s not only a great sounding instrument, but it can also be used as a powerful effect device.

That’s why we created this ReFill; to fully utilize the processing and sound generating modules of the Complex-1 and give you easy access and control over them as Combinator effects patches. 120 Combinators; divided between Delay, Distortion, Filter, Reverb and Vocoder categories, full of unique effects that could easily count as standalone plugins.

All of our Combinators use separate Complex-1 units on each channel for true stereo processing, including cross channel modulation which adds an extra layer of audio rate width modulation to your sound. You can also use the additional 80 single mono-effect RE patches to build your own effect chains.

However you choose, this presets pack unlocks the full potential of Complex-1, and gives you the right tools to add new flavors to your music production. It’s a must-have for your music-making arsenal!