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CV Tool Bundle

CV utilities


  • • Handy CV tools
  • • Nice uniform UI design
  • • Big discount

The CV Tool Bundle contains 6 handy CV tools to take the modulation capabilities of your Reason rack to the next level. CV sources and CV manipulators, mixer, scaler, boolean and other

To modulate modulation? That’s not a problem either. :)

Included in this bundle

  • CV Origami
    CV manipulator
    SALE $19.00 $29.00
    CV Origami is a CV shaping, folding and filtering tool very similar to an audio shaper, folder or filter. In just one device 3 different functions can be set and these functions will be applied...

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  • CV Pad
    CV control
    SALE $19.00 $29.00
    Large CV Pad for two dimensional touch control of sounds using finger or mouse. With a fader or knob only one independent parameter can be controlled at any one time. With CV Pad you can now ake...

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  • CV Pistons
    LFO ensemble
    SALE $19.00 $35.00
    8 LFOs with shared waveforms which breathe together. This is CV Pistons in a nutshell. The first thing to mention is the adjustable waveform. Using only a few parameters we can easily create...

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  • CV Ranger
    CV scaler
    SALE $9.00 $15.00
    CV Ranger is based on a very simple idea. The user first clamps the input value to a defined input range using the first two knobs on the front panel. Then, with next two knobs, stretches or...

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  • CV Shades
    Advanced CV mixer
    CV Shades is inspired by the attenuators and mixers often found in eurorack modules. When no inputs are connected the device functions as a simple CV source with 4 seperate values. The big knobs...

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  • CV Witch
    CV operations
    SALE $15.00 $19.00
    Firstly, CV Witch is a boolean operator for your CV signals. CV In A and B will be converted to boolean (true/false) values. If the incoming value is higher than the threshold, then the Boolean...

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