Schizophrenia, The Modwheel, Cosmos, E621, AMBA – all influential electronic music acts, all with the same man benhind them: Tom Middleton. Under these (and many other) names, he has been releasing music, remixing and DJ:ing since the early 90s. He is also known for his ambient/electronica/deep house sound as defined by Global Communication, the hugely influential group he started with Mark Pritchard.

We met with Tom in his home in London as he was putting the final touches to the track Hypnotizer, which was just released on Urbantourque records. We talked to him about his background and how he got introduced to electronic music making by Richard D James.

In the interview, we also get a walkthrough of the track Hypnotizer that just came out on Urbantorque Recordings. We’ll get to learn some of the Jedi Master’s secret moves and how he uses Reason to build his signature deep sound.