• 501 Artist stories
    501 Interview

    How do you use Reason in your music making?I use Reason to design different kinds of synthesizer sounds from the ground up which is really exciting due to the modular nature of Reason’s devices. I start off with a set of blank combinators and just connect cables to my hearts content which usually ends up […]

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  • How Tutorials
    How to Make an Aggressive Dubstep Bass

    Max Rehbein (aka Dorincourt) joins us for a guest video, showing you how to create an aggressive, hard hitting dubstep bass. Using the standard Reason devices, learn how to really get your sound to roar by using effects and how to make it sit well in the mix. After this, you’ll be able to make […]

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  • Cookie Artist stories
    Cookie Monsta

    Tony Cook was just a kid when he saw his brother playing Music 2000 on his Playstation console and in an instant, after seeing two sounds combined to form something entirely new, Tony knew that music was his calling. After attending music college and getting exposed to Reason, his ability to make big sounds and […]

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  • Jakwob Artist stories

    In January 2011 James Jacob, better known to his fans as Jakwob, came to the United States for his first major North American tour. Our cameras met up with him in San Francisco, California to see him live in front of five thousand eager Dubstep fans. In clubs throughout London, Dubstep has forged a partnership […]

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