• Cinematic Sound Packs
    Cinematic Gamescapes: new free sound pack

    If you’re into scoring games, film or just creating epic, glitchy, cinematic sounds, this free sound pack is for you!

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  • #ReasonQuickTip Tutorials

    All the #ReasonQuickTip videos we’ve done, all put in to one place. This is your go-to place for picking up new quick tips for Reason!

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  • Pulveriser Tutorials
    Pulveriser Demolition

    In this micro tutorial we’ll take a look at the Pulveriser. Pulveriser is a sound demolition unit capable of destroying your signal but before you turn those knobs up to eleven, I wanted to show you that Pulveriser also excels at being an audio sweetener. In today’s world of pristine digital recording, meticulously sampled instruments, […]

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