• Andrew Blog
    Andrew Huang checks out Reason 11

    Check out musician and YouTuber Andrew Huang making music with Reason Rack Plugin in Ableton Live.

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  • Artist Artist stories
    Artist Feature: Tora

    We sat down to speak with vocalist and guitar player Jo about their workflow in Reason both in the studio and on tour.

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  • Announcing Crew
    Announcing Reason 9.1

    Reason 9.1 is here and it brings Ableton Link support so you can jam with your friends. Reason product manager Mattias will let you know all about it.

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  • Mackintosh Artist stories
    Mackintosh Braun Interview

    Mackintosh Braun is a formidable indie electronic duo from Portland who blend crisp, sophisticated production with sharp, emotive songwriting. They find themselves drawn to the technical side of music: sampling, sequencing, and high-end production. We had a chat to find out more about their use of Reason and their upcoming releases.

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  • NU.F.O. Artist stories
    NU.F.O. Boston on Vocals & Live Performance

    NU.F.O. stands for Newly Formed Objective and that objective for Boston residents Moses and EP1C is to combine their past experience creating music across nearly all styles and genres into a whole new electronic animal. If you listen to their catalog of releases, you’ll find it filled with House, Drum & Bass and Electro beats […]

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  • Kevin Artist stories
    Kevin Hastings

    Many keyboard players would give their left foot to play a major world tour. Kevin Hastings drew the winning ticket as he landed the gig with Rihanna’s current world tour. With Reason as his main instrument, he is playing in front of sold-out venues on a daily basis. Coming from a musical family, he started […]

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