We released Friktion Modeled Strings, our physical modeling synthesizer just over 12 months ago. To celebrate this anniversary, we thought we’d give away some free Friktion patches and share some of our favorite tutorials, demos and reviews. 

Electro-Physical is a Reason+ pack by Navi Retlav Studios, inspired by the unique style of Japanese game soundtracks such as Chrono Trigger, Ace Combat, and Tekken. This pack blends the warm organic feel of acoustic string instruments with metallic and electronic tones to great effect. This pack includes 10 Combinator patches which make full use of the Friktion instrument. 

Simply follow the link below to download the patches for free.

Note: If you don’t own Friktion yet, you can always take a 30 day trial. If you have earned rewards points or unclaimed vouchers, you can likely also pick up Friktion at a discounted price in our Rewards Shop. Check your rewards balance here. Of course, Friktion is also included in Reason+, together with every other device we’ve ever made and will make. 

Download the Electro Physical pack here

Some of our favorite Friktion reviews, demos and tutorials