“The sounds of a robot preparing for a war against demons”.

That’s how Adrian at Navi Retlav describes the patches in this new free Reason sound pack. Cinematic Gamescapes is a collection of 10 new Reason patches from Navi Retlav Studios inspired by some of their favorite video game soundtracks – Half Life, Final Fantasy and DOOM Eternal. If you’re into scoring games, film or just creating epic, glitchy, cinematic sounds, this pack is for you!


As a side note, back in February I asked on the eminent Reason forum Reasontalk.com if we could bang our smart heads together and attempt to create a DOOM Machine à la Mick Gordon, using the ever so powerful Combinator. I believe that Adrian of Navi Retlav really hit the head on the nail with a couple of his patches in this sound pack. They sound gruesomly evil and utterly grotesque so be sure to download the sound pack below and make some music with them!

Have fun making new sounds!
Stefan Aronsson

Download the Cinematic Gamescapes sound pack*

* Requires Reason 11. Get the free 30 day trial of Reason.