Simon Peyron took you on his journey in the Reason YouTube series ‘Music Making Diaries’ (watch all episodes here). It all resulted in the song ‘Selfish Love’. Now he’s challenging you to make your own version of the song! Are you up for it?

The final day to get your entries in is August 26th. Winners will be announced by the end of August.

What’s in it for me?
The winner will receive a one year Reason+ subscription.

How do I enter?

1.Download the stems from Simon Peyron’s song “Selfish Love” via the link below.

2. Remix the song and make it sound like you.

3.Upload your remix to Soundcloud with the tag #selfishlovereasonremix so we can find it.

We can’t wait to hear your musical masterpieces. Happy remixing!

Download the stems