Yes! Your favorite Reason Drum Kits are back! This time as a mean, lean, simulated-drum-recording-session-in-a-super-easy-to-use-Rack-Extension-machine. We’re happy to announce Reason Drum Kits. Again.

Following the success with the re-release of Reason Electric Bass, here’s another darling instrument from the past getting a new lease of life. Reason Drum Kits was the best-selling ReFill library we ever did at Propellerhead Software, and it’s easy to understand why. The samples are great, the drum kits sounded just like live played drums and the concept of Hypersampling (which was born with this product) made all the creative decision of a truly drum recording session available to the Reason user.

With the Rack Extension version, we could add a customized user interface to these great samples, and make Reason Drum Kits much easier and faster to use. Now, all the controls and settings are readily available and the click of a button or turn of a knob, whereas in the ReFill version, you’d have to dive into huge, complex Combinator setups and know exactly which of the stacks of NN-XTs to tweak for that perfect rim shot.

The Rack Extension version retains the fantastic sound and live feel of the original. For the tweak-happy producers, there’s the back panel with separate outputs for each instrument so you can mix your drums using any signal chain you can dream up.

If you already own Reason Drum Kits, you can upgrade to the Rack Extension version at a much better price. Use the voucher code below at check-out in the shop. This is regardless if you registered your ReFill version or not.


Apply this voucher at checkout to get your discount. Offer lasts until April 30th, 2019.

And if you’re feeling a bit of Reason Drum Kits nostalgia coming on (we sure did when working with this project), here’s the introduction video that we did a long time ago.


/Lukas Lyrestam, product manager