We’ve teamed up with Allihoopa, Rack Extension maker D16 Group and sample library producers CAPSUN ProAudio who have dropped 10 inspiring loops to Allihoopa for you to work with! Each loop has been treated with D16’s Decimort 2 HIFI Bit-crusher and the Devastor 2 Multiband Distortion Rack Extensions so you’ll hear the cool things you can do with them!

How to enter the remix challenge:

Check out CAPSUN ProAudio's loops on Allihoopa and find one (or more!) that sparks your inspiration. Open it in Reason or Take and make some music with it! When you’re done, drop it back to Allihoopa so we can hear what you came up with!

We will listen to the remixes and pick one winner who will get the Decimort 2 and Devastor 2 Rack Extensions by D16 Group. The winner will be announced next Friday (March 4). Good luck and have fun!



Jay Pulman aka CAPSUN from CAPSUN ProAudio shares his thoughts on creating these loops:

As a fan of D16 Group's products and a long time Reason user I'm really excited to see Decimort 2 and Devastor 2 arrive as Rack Extensions. Coming from a hip-hop production background, a lot of my creative process is spent looking to add analogue style warmth and lo-fi re-sampling to my sounds. I collect old samplers, drum machines and toy synths but Decimort 2 is almost indistinguishable from the real thing when used at the right time in your signal chain and a whole lot quicker to set up! Instruments such as Rhodes keys, FM bells and acoustic instruments love the downgrading and aliasing that these classic sampler emulations can add and instantly give a nostalgic shimmer to digital sounds. Devastor 2 is a whole different beast that's perfect for distorting, enhancing and fattening up drums and bass lines or used more subtly to change the tone and timbre of a sound. My best tip is to try applying either Rack Extension to drum hits and slowly turn up the preamp gain to add weight and saturation – instant fatness.

Try out Decimort 2 and Devastor 2 for free in the Propellerhead shop!