Seasoned music producer and Norah Jones collaborator, Peter Malick, packed up his studio and moved it home to his living room and garage. For its maiden session he brought in indie artists Amber Rubarth, Courtney Jones, and a veritable A-List of players from the LA singer-songwriter scene. On Peter’s first days in the new space and first day on Record 1.5 we rolled cameras to capture the new ‘studio’ in action.

In the first video singer-songwriter Courtney Jones records her latest song, “Enemy Fire,” with Peter. The studio stretches through the entire house from the living room where the piano is set up, the den which has an unconventional drum kit, and the back room where Peter has run cables for a make-shift control room.

The second video follows day two in the new studio as Amber Rubarth invites her friends over to help her record “Full Moon in Paris.” Peter Malick balances the common limitations of home recording like a reduced number of microphones and a lack of isolation with the more important goal of capturing a special moment while not letting “bleed” decide important production decisions.

Please note that ‘Record’ is discontinued but all of its features, and then some, lives on in Reason!