Mix Master Mike has a turntablist’s resumé that few others can battle. Three time Word DJ Champion, founding member of scratch super group Invisibl Skratch Picklz, award winning producer and much more. To most people, Mix Master Mike is the DJ behind The Beastie Boys, whose energetic scratching has been part of the Beastie’s sound since The Beastie Boys’ 1998 album Hello Nasty.

When he is not busy with backing the Beasties or performing his legendary DJ sets, Mike has also found time to release several albums worth of his own music and it is mostly in this capacity that he has found use for Reason.

Being a road warrior, Mike got introduced to Reason from his Beastie Boys band mate Ad-Rock while touring. He soon discovered that this was a perfect way to keep making music while away from his studio, the Zektar Cell Block.

We met with the Mix Master in the studio in Hollywood Hills one night as he was preparing to take off for a DJ set. The conversation touched on how he is using Reason in his productions and we also got a glimpse of his work methods as well as a sneak peak of material that he is working on for his upcoming album. Don’t miss this!