In January 2011 James Jacob, better known to his fans as Jakwob, came to the United States for his first major North American tour. Our cameras met up with him in San Francisco, California to see him live in front of five thousand eager Dubstep fans.

In clubs throughout London, Dubstep has forged a partnership between the influences of Reggae and Drum n’ Bass while borrowing from disparate styles such as House or Heavy Metal. The groove is laid back but the sounds are anything but. And in this still young genre, Jakwob is a master of the Dubstep wobble bass.

His production style is somewhat zen. James is open to experimentation, welcoming of accidents, and humble to the idea that there is no right way to make these notoriously undefinable and awkward bass sounds. A Reason user since version 2.0 and a Record/Reason user for 100% of his production, Jakwob sat down with us to discuss his music making and to show us a couple tricks he’s employed in his tracks.

Please note that ‘Record’, the product Jakwob mentions in the video, is discontinued but all of its features,¬†and then some, lives on in Reason!