We are incredibly proud to present the return of a ReFill classic with a fresh new lick of paint and whole haul of useful features

Based on our hyper-sampling classic bass solution this one-stop shop of authentic bass instruments and all the under-hood programing that made it in an instant classic, is now available as a Rack Extension dedicated to creating professional-grade electric bass. 

Select from a host of classic sample instruments such as the Fender Precision, Gibson Les Paul or Stingray Fretless Bass optimized for the rack ready to be tackled by your choice of player or MIDI keyboard with all the after-touch, key-switching and mod-wheel functionality from our original refill baked into a new product.

With Reason Electric Bass we wanted to stay as true to the classic signal flow of bass-processing, stomp-boxes and amps as we could with a few updates to those iconic parameters in the digital domain. All the bass instruments can quickly be selected and then served with a blend of the DI signal and the recorded-amplifier, plus your choice of an exclusive re-amping model. Combine this with a selection of stompbox models comprising of an EQ, Compressor, Distortion and Chorus and you’ve got an arsenal of electric bass sounds across a range of genres, literally at your fingertips.

It is my hope that this select range of parameters will allow you to quickly dial in great sound allowing you to focus on writing timeless basslines, riffs and hooks without having to think too hard about the instant fatness of your bass-recording. Compose your riff, tweak your signal and turn up the random articulation button to give your bassline some instant generative funk.

Lukas, Product Manager