Reason is the perfect tool for creating Trap Soul beats with banging 808s, classic R&B licks, and sparse atmospheric textures. Check out this video by Stefan Guy to learn!

Trap Soul is a relatively new music genre that combines the atmospheric textures, booming 808s and rapid-fire hi-hats of trap music with the rich pads, lush strings and heartfelt melodies of R&B. Popularized by artists like Bryson Tiller, Tory Lanez and Ty Dolla $ign, Trap Soul draws inspiration from the sounds of modern trap music and the neo-soul movement of the 90’s. In this tutorial, we’ll discuss the different musical elements of the genre, and show you how to record Trap Soul in Reason 10.

The foundation of Trap Soul music is a banging beat, and Reason 10 is packed with hundreds of loops, samples and rhythms to get you started. Select from a variety of trap-inspired drum loops for Dr. Octo Rex, or build your own beat using the legendary Kong drum machine. Choose from dozens of drum sounds sampled from some of the most iconic drum machines ever made—or load custom samples to create fresh new beats with your own unique sounds. Pair Kong with Reason’s new Drum Sequencer to create intricate hi-hat rhythms with 1/8th, 1/16th and even 1/32nd note rolls—or use the variable speed and probability functions to introduce variety to simple or repetitive loops.

Trap Soul is known for it’s thunderous low-end, and Reason 10 has everything you need to make the trunk rattle. Cook up fat bass lines using one of Reason’s advanced synthesizers like Maelstrom or Subtractor. Create dark, mysterious pads with sparse atmospheric textures using Grain Sample Manipulator, Europa or Thor. Add ambient piano accents with ID8 or Reason’s new Radical Piano, or sprinkle in some eerie oohs and aahs with the new Humana Vocal Ensemble for the ultimate trap vibe.

Reason 10 makes it easy to add samples from classic R&B records using NN19 or NN-XT—or create your own vintage vibes with built-in presets for lush strings and rich horns. Combine any instrument with Reason’s Scales and Chords to play beautiful, intelligent chords with the press of a button. Dial in the complexity with a few simple controls to create emotionally resonant progressions in seconds.

Now that the stage has been set, it’s time to add some vocals. Reason’s intuitive recording interface makes recording vocals a breeze. Whether it’s a rapid-fire rapper or a soulful singer—just add a new audio track, press record and bear your soul.

Reason is loaded with advanced signal processors for producing professional sounding vocal tracks. Use the built-in pitch correction to perfect vocal performances, or use the Neptune Pitch Adjuster to transform vocals into something otherworldly. Add ethereal effects with the BV512 Digital Vocoder, or create evolving, time-synced effects with Reason’s new Synchronous Timed Effects Modulator. Last but not least, use the RV7000 MKII to add a healthy dose of reverb for depth and you’ve got yourself a radio-ready Trap Soul banger.

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Now that you know how to record Trap Soul beats in Reason 10, it’s time to record your own banger!

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