One door closes, another opens

It feels like a going-away party for a great band member. Almost exactly three years after A-List Drummer by Propellerhead came to life, the time has come to retire the A-List Drummer and welcome the new-and-improved Virtual Drummer Rack Extension from UJAM!

The transition from the A-List line to Virtual Drummer line is as follows:

A-List Studio Drummer becomes Virtual Drummer Solid

A-List Classic Drummer becomes Virtual Drummer Phat

A-List Power Drummer becomes Virtual Drummer Heavy

Cross-grade pricing is available for existing owners of A-List Drummer products.

We want to offer you the latest technology at the best possible price so please check your inbox to see your cross-grade pricing options! You’ll get your unique coupon code in a dedicated newsletter. But don’t worry, if you’re perfectly happy with your existing A-List Drummer, these will remain unchanged in your account and will always be available to download there.

If you’re wondering why “UJAM Virtual Drummer” sounds familiar, that’s because it has existed in VST, AU and AAX formats for some time now. We’re thrilled to release it as a Rack Extension as well so Reason users can use it directly!

The Virtual Drummer Rack Extensions come with a fresh design, new features that have been requested and tested by a myriad of musicians and, of course, all the benefits you’re used to from producing your drum tracks in Reason.

We didn’t change everything, though. One thing we made sure to keep was the fail-proof simplicity and sonic versatility from the original A-List Drummers. We loved that bit and so did customers, so that’s here to stay.

Magical things happen when you combine the living, breathing performance of a top-notch session drummer with a professional engineer in a world-class recording studio. We’ve captured all of that magic and let you play, combine, and tweak a virtually endless array of drum patterns in real-time to create unique, realistic, and inspiring performances.

Sebastian Bretschneider, Product Manager of the Virtual Drummer series comments:

“With this release, we’re making sure that musicians can benefit from UJAM’s trademark ease-of-use in any DAW they call home. With our plug-ins and Rack Extensions, beginners and professionals can quickly lay down amazing sounding beats with no previous drumming experience. Virtual Drummer Rack Extensions work perfectly with our other product lines Virtual Bassists and Beatmakers and really put you in the producer’s chair.“

Learn more about the A-List Drummer to Virtual Drummer Rack Extension evolution in this short video: 


Pricing and availability

Cross-grade prices are $/€19 if you own an A-List Drummer and want to get the matching Virtual Drummer, $/€39 if you own the A-List Drummer Bundle and want to get the Virtual Drummer Bundle, and last but not least $/€99 if you own an A-List Drummer and want to upgrade to the Virtual Drummer Bundle.

Virtual Drummer Solid, Phat, and Heavy Rack Extensions are available for immediate download via the Propellerhead shop for $/€99 each.

All three Rack Extensions are also included as part of the Virtual Drummer RE Bundle. This bundle is available immediately from the Propellerhead shop and saves you 33% compared to buying the products individually!

Visit the shop for further details.

Jannik Hainke
Marketing Manager
UJAM Instruments