This week I put out a video on our YouTube Channel all about the flexible ways to tap into audio effects you might not even know you had access to in the Reason Rack. And when he saw it, Joachim who oversees all the excellent Sound Packs and Friday Giveaways, said “hey we should package all these tricks into a Friday Giveaway!” He was so right! How did I not think of that!? So with just 24 hours between the video coming out and Friday being upon us we have put together an epic Friday Giveaway with FOURTEEN custom Combinators featuring each of the unique distortion sounds from my latest video.

But we didn’t stop there! We actually improved on what I made in the video, adding stereo audio processing to the Complex-1 and Thor patches and other goodies like making Scenic a dual-Engine saturation with a blend control between Engine A and B. 

I think you’ll have a lot of fun with these Combinators. Each different device creates a wonderfully unique style of distortion and when you have access to the controls on the front of a Combinator you can dial in your grit quickly and experiment freely. Who’s going to be the first person to daisy-chain all 14 of these together for the most intense mega-distortion of all time!?


Enjoy these and make some great music with them!

– ryan

Download the Combinators here