Six months ago I joined Reason Studios as Product manager for Rack Extension Technologies. I took a deep dive into all aspects of the current state of things and started to wonder why things were, especially when it came to the NDA. If we have such a great community of developers around our technology, why don't we let them talk about it and share their knowledge? How can we make it easier to become a Rack Extension developer?

We organized a team to improve the entire user experience, looking at the journey to find out where we had pitfalls and roadblocks. In January we launched a new developer site where we expose all our SDKs without requiring registration, where documentation is accessible online, with a tutorial to help getting started as a new developer and with a remade software license where we allow people to talk about our tech, share insights, share code, publish tutorials and other content around our software.

One of the first things I did after joining the company was to send out a survey and do follow-up interviews with developers around the world. I had a lot of fun doing this, and I want to thank all who participated! One of the developers I had the opportunity to talk to was Yan Pujante at Pongasoft. He clearly expressed a generous wish to be able to share his learnings with the developer community. After we released the new license he was finally able to do that and published all of his Rack Extensions as Open Source on github!

I'm very happy to see that the shift in perspective around our technology made such a quick impact! I hope any developer reading this takes a look at Yan's projects and gets inspired to create even more publicly available content so that we continue to grow our ecosystem of fantastic products for the reason Rack.

Martin Fridegren
Product manager Rack Extension Technologies