Malkom Cheru and Gabriel Gassi. Photo by Caroline Ullman.

Why does the name Gabriel Gassi ring so familiar to Reason users? That’s right! Gabriel’s song “Street Phone” is one of the official demo songs included in Reason and we’re pretty sure you’ve opened it up and hit ‘play’ at least once.

This week we’ve teamed up with Gabriel Gassi to give you the official, holiday themed Gabriel Gassi Sound Pack called “Time of Year”. All the sounds and patches are taken directly from the track with the same name that is released on all streaming platforms today! 

Here’s a greeting from Gabriel:

Dear fellow Reason user!

You now have access to all patches and samples from my new x-mas song ’Time of Year’!
Browse through frosty basses, crystal pianos and trap-like sleigh bells to use in your own tunes – or make your own remix of ’Time of Year’ using its rendered audio stems.

Gabriel Gassi


Download Gabriel Gassi’s Time of Year Sound Pack:

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