Ease into the weekend with another few examples of creative uses for Reason’s new rack devices. Last week’s videos apparently piqued many Reason users’ interest, so here’s some more: lead guitar through Quartet’s grain ensemble effect, channel dynamics to control synth filters and Sweeper’s envelope triggered with incoming audio levels. And more.

When you need to add some space and movement to a sound, the Grain mode in Quartet can really spice things up! Have a listen to this guitar lead played through Quartet, lean back and anjoy!


Make your bass go WOW by modulating the filter frequency with your drums! Easily done by routing your drums through the noise gate gain cv out in the new Channel Dynamics in Reason 11.


With the new Sweeper Modulation Effect in Reason 11, you can use any incoming audio signal to trigger the filter for rhythmic accentuation. Check it out!


Add some grainy space to your sounds with the Grain Ensemble mode in Quartet. In this example, we’ve added some Grain Ensemble motion to a nice electric piano. Have a listen!


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