We paid a visit to Dave Spoon, prolific UK dance music producer, in his combined home/studio in Portsmouth, southern England. Dave has a string of successful releases behind him and he’s been spotted in a variety of roles lately – from remixing the likes of Pet Shop Boys and Madonna, to a residency at BBC’s weekly ‘In New DJs We Trust’ show.

Dave’s early releases were immediately picked up by super star DJs like Pete Tong and Roger Sanchez, which obviously helped Dave Spoon along the way. Pete Tong is also on the list of Dave’s frequent collaborators.

Dave got started in music making in the early 90s when he discovered a TB-303 and some other vintage gear in a cupboard in school. He produced a lot of tracks, but gradually moved over to DJ-ing instead of making music. In 2000, he purchased a second hand computer that had ReBirth on it, and Dave was immediately hooked again. He got Reason around the time it came out and he quickly felt it was the tool for him.

In the video, we get a walkthrough of his track Lummox, which is out on Dave’s own Televizion label. He shows us how to build the track’s driving bass sound and shows us some of his favorite sonic tricks.