Whew, what a month! Reason 12 is out in the world and we’re seeing more cool Combinator designs and new music than we can count. But we’re also seeing some reports on bugs and issues in Reason 12, so I wanted to take a moment to address that.

Right now, the Reason team is fully focused on tracking down and solving these issues and getting an update out as soon as possible. The problems can generally be categorized into two areas: crashes or freezes with certain VST plugins and decreased performance compared to Reason 11. We have a fix on the way that we believe solves most, if not all, new VST issues and we’re looking closely at performance too.

If you’re having any issues in Reason 12, and you want to go above and beyond to help us, you can sign up for our always running open beta and send us a bug report. A report with steps to reproduce, information on your system (OS, hardware, settings, software versions etc.), and a description on what happens really helps us out. Once in the beta, you can also access a logging version of Reason that will produce useful log files that further helps us to track these things down. We’ll also push new versions out to beta testers to confirm the fixes before they reach the general public, so it’s the fastest way to confirm that something is fixed.

To sign up for the open beta, just head over here: www.reasonstudios.com/beta-test/signup

And that’s it, that’s the blog post! I want to give a personal thank you for your patience and understanding. We’ll continue squashing bugs, keep you in the loop, and should have an auto-update coming your way shortly.


Mattias Häggström Gerdt
Product Manager