I’m very happy to announce that PolyStep Sequencer is now available in the Propellerhead Shop. It’s another great co-op project between Propellerhead Software, who did the product design, and Lectric Panda who did the development work.

For years, Reason users have been asking for more sequencing options. Some people simply want a polyphonic upgrade to the Matrix sequencer while others have craved a more musically gifted sequencing companion. At the same time, we are always exploring ways we can help people make music and the idea of a highly adaptable, jam-friendly phrase sequencer is something we’ve been toying with for some time.

And now it’s here! PolyStep Sequencer can be all of the above, depending on what you need at the moment. At heart, it’s a great little step sequencer that lets you record in step time (obviously) that has a ton of interesting features that’ll invite you to try new things with your music. New chord progressions, new chord voicings, new rhythms and anything else you can think of  (or can’t think of).

Somewhat related to what Quad Note Generator can do for your music making, we love these devices that can act like that super sweet band member that listens to your song and says “great, but what if you try a D#13 on that?“, and PolyStep Sequencer can certainly do that.

Another favorite part is the real time transpose from MIDI, meaning you can trigger sequences based on the keys you play on your keyboard. It’s one of those hour-eating features, for sure.

We really hope you’ll enjoy PolyStep Sequencer as much as we’ve enjoyed it while developing it and we can’t wait to hear what music will come out of it.

Lukas Lyrestam
Product Manager