With the holidays around the corner, we wanted to do something nice for all you Reason users out there. Few things spark new ideas like some fresh patches, so I rounded up my colleagues and put together over 100 patches for this ReFill—both freshly made and from our personal projects.

You’ll find patches for many devices, from Subtractor and Thor to Complex-1 and Scenic. Whichever Reason version you’re at, there’s something for you. With that in mind, note that to use all the patches you need Reason 11 Suite or Reason 11 including Complex-1, Parsec, Radical Keys and Scenic.

Next to every patch there are some letters and you might wonder “what’s that?”. This is the initials of the person at Reason Studios who made the patch! Just for fun, here’s who’s who:

AK: Andreas, Designer for Reason and most of our devices. Has a fondness for noisy, dirty synth sounds.

CT: Claes, Test Lead and a name you’ve certainly seen if you joined the Reason 11 beta.

JB: John, Customer Support Manager and purveyor of electric organ sounds.

JL: Johannes, Designer who basically designed all of Reason Compact, including Rytmik and Monotone.

LC: Ludvig, Product Designer. He knows how everything in Reason works, because he designed it! Also one hell of a keyboard player.

MHG: Mattias, your friendly neighborhood Product Manager. That’s me!

SA: Stefan, Digital Marketing & Communication Manager. He’s the guy behind this very blog and all our social media channels. Has more bands than anyone in the office and many of his patches are from those bands.

It was a blast to make this ReFill and we hope it lights up your holidays. Enjoy!

Mattias Häggström Gerdt
Reason Product Manager