Sean Murray is the producer behind the Baroque Indie Pop Sound Pack. We spoke to him to find out what went on behind the scenes as he created the pack and discovered that it was inspired by the sounds of artists like Vampire Weekend and Arcade Fire. 

The Sound Pack creation process naturally happened during his writing and production process.   


“After laying down the initial guitar and bass parts and programming a basic drum groove, the song itself inspired the sound design for the rest of the patches. Once the demo song was written and produced, I consolidated the essential elements of each sound and programmed them into each combinator patch,” he explained.

The Baroque Indie Pop genre is heavily guitar driven and Sean set out to create a Sound Pack balancing effects combinators to process DI guitar and bass signals with playable synth and keys patches.

“The DI Indie Surf, Slappy Bass, DI Indie Slap, and SSL Acoustic Dream are all effects combinators dialled in to achieve guitar and bass tones perfect for the baroque indie pop genre. Each combinator has sound-specific macro controls and buttons to tweak the effect and offer some variation, but also giving enough control to dial in the effect chain to the users specific instrument, into a production and to make it unique,” Sean said.

When creating this Sound Pack, Sean’s aim was to dial in simple sounds but with strong vibes that could be a source of inspiration and kickstart a songwriting session or production.

“All of the synth and keys sounds have a distinct character. A lot of the instrumental elements in this genre come from traditional sources, like electric and acoustic guitars, upright pianos and quirky keyboards (like the mellotron), but with an emphasis on crafting catchy parts and sculpting well-written songs. The recording process and production often aims to capture a vintage, analogue-character and I tried to implement some of the effects and processes into these patches too,” said Sean.

Like a lot of his other Reason+ Packs, Sean invites you to think of them as tweakable snapshots of essential elements in his productions. Get your hands on the Baroque Indie Pop Pack and explore all of Sean’s inspiring Sound Packs in Reason+.


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