Irish producer Seamus Malliagh makes electronic music under the moniker Iglooghost. Signed to Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label at the mere age of 18, he released his first Chinese Nü Yr EP in 2015. Following that with his debut album Neō Wax Bloom in 2017. Iglooghost now picks up the storyline from the debut album with a setting that takes place 3000 years prior to the events occuring in Neō Wax Bloom. We caught up with Iglooghost to talk a bit about his music making and what role Reason plays in that.

You recently released two new EPs, “Clear Tamei” and “Steel Mogu”. Congratulations to that, they sound great! Could you tell us a bit about the process that went into creating those?

It was fun! I made it because I was still really excited from making Neō Wax Bloom and I wanted to tie up a few loose ends I felt needed addressing in the storyline, and also because I wanted to have a tiny bit more fun with a similar sound pallet before moving on with the next big project.

How did you start out making music? How did it all begin?

I always used to make fake album covers and packaging and characters and tracklists when I was younger but didn’t know how to make music. All that stuff came way before I figured out how to do things on a computer. I had real bad dyspraxia as a kid so I could never figure out how to play drums or guitar or anything no matter how hard I tried hahaha.

How do you get started with a new song? Do you always start with the beat? Or does melodies and progressions come first?

It changes. I always imagine it in my head before I make it so I usually start creating it with the most prevelant sound in my head.

“Make the stuff you are annoyed doesn’t exist yet!”

What are your tips for new producers wanting to start out making music?

I say this a lot but it’s just because I wish someone told me this when I was like 14. Make the stuff you are annoyed doesn’t exist yet! You ever spend tons of time lurking YouTube and 4chan for some really specific dream combination of sounds that you invented in your head? Just make it yourself if you can’t find it! Make your weird math-rock/memphis cassette trap/prepared dulcimer/chamber choir hybrid thing that’s only existent in your brain.

Favorite thing about Reason?

I love how easy it is to manipulate audio files! I stretch stuff so much using the alt key and then hit quantize to turn it into a weird groove. It works so quick and I always find something really unexpected inside things I’ve dragged in.

Name three of your favorite artists!

It always changes but right now I’ve been listening to a lot of Kelly Moran, Nico Muhly, and Bhad Bhabie.

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Photo by Daisy Emily Warne